DM15c_Felted velvet scarfI originally trained in printed textiles and fashion design, having a degree from Gloucestershire College of Art & Design (now the University of Gloucestershire). I have worked as a designer and illustrator in industry and taught Fine Art and Fashion and Textile Design at various Further Education Colleges.

Over the years, I have experimented with different textile related craft forms. I now concentrate on designing and making a range of fashion accessories using a variety of knitted, stitched and felted techniques. Colour and texture is very important in my work so I hand dye the wool and silk fibres which I use to create the felting detail. The wool fibre is then integrated with the backing fabric by a combination of needle felting and traditional wet felting techniques.

My current signature style is to embellish my fabrics with a scattering of felted “bobbles” which are formed as the wool tops shrinks to form felt and this also creates a variety of delicate tucks and gathers in the backing fabric. I also create various floral shapes into my felts, which are stitched into the backing silk georgette or chiffon using toning colours.

My current inspirations are the textural surfaces inherent in nature, such as the complex patterning within bark, stone and water and my “bobble” felts were developed after observing the details of rock pools on the sea shore near where I live. These designs are complemented by a range of appliqué and stitched corsages, purses, bags and garments using vintage style fabrics and sometimes also featuring felted and embroidered detail.

My jewellery is hand painted and printed watercolour paper with embroidered handmade silk paper. Although light as a feather it is varnished for durability. The butterfly brooches are handmade felt that has been accented with embroidery.


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