diane-row-main-picI was born in Manchester and moved to the Lake District in 1976.
I have always had an interest in art as my mother was multi-talented: a textile spinner and weaver, potter and chinese watercolour artist among her many skills. My father turned wood as a hobby.

It has been a long process of discovery, but when I started fusing glass, I knew I could create studio pieces. My skills are a legacy from my parents, especially my mother. The early work was to copy what I could see but as I moved on, so my designs have developed into a more imaginative style. Abstract design promotes speculation and I enjoy the fact that this art form is interpreted differently by viewers.

Iridescent glass is my favourite. The artists William de Morgan and Robert Bevan are my role models and inspiration. As a member of the Art and Craft Guild of Lancashire, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to show and sell at the Howarth Art Gallery alongside the Tiffany collection.


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