Jane bellSince I was a child I have always been surrounded by women who worked with textiles in some form or shape. This afforded me the opportunity to try many different types of work, embroidery, knitting, dress making, beading, virtually anything that used thread or fabric I wanted to try it.

During the bicentennial in the USA in1974 there was a great revival in patchwork and quilting. I am American so I decided to try a small cushion which rapidly turned into a full size quilt. I have happily immersed myself in everything quilt related. I design and make quilts, small accessory pieces, wall hangings, cushions and wearable art such as waistcoats. I mainly use cotton, wool and silk. Some of the silk pieces I use come from Japanese kimonos and obis.

I like to work closely with customers on commission pieces. There are so many styles of quilts to explore. Amish are one of my favourites as the quilting is so complicated. I always do the quilting by hand as it is one of the most relaxing things I can do. Welsh and Durham quilting are two kinds of quilts I plan to make next.

The more I quilt the more I learn about the women who made the typical American quilts of the 19th and 20th century. I like to talk to groups about the development of American styles and how it was influenced by the historic changes in the development of America.
If it is true “the woman with the most fabric lives longest” I must be working on immortality.


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